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You’ve Just Discovered The Biggest CRAZE To Ever Hit The World Of Skate!

EMAD Boards combines the intensity of extreme sports with the classic thrills of skateboarding to deliver the best power boarding experience available!

Your EMAD Board is controlled using a wireless, handheld remote control with a patented three-speed variable control system. This means you are always in control of how fast or slow you want to go. Some EMAD Boards are capable of reaching speeds up to 18 miles per hour in under 4 seconds! And when you want to stop, your EMAD Board is equipped with an integrated anti lock breaking system so you can stop safely.

With six models to choose from, EMAD has an electric skateboard to satisfy every adrenaline junkie’s need for speed. Our rugged All Terrain design is perfect for getting your thrills off the beaten path and cruising down the beach. Or if hitting up the local skate park is more your speed, there are several street designs available. The EMAD Boarding offers an experience like no other.

We design and build boards because we ride our boards just about every day! Our cutting edge designs are made with high-quality, reliable materials. Our decks are made of real wood, specially designed trucks and bushings. Our 600 and 800 watt designs provide the highest onboard power available! All of our boards have an easy to read on-board LED battery-life indicator. When you’re on an EMAD Board you know you are riding the latest in high-performance, maneuverability, and POWER!
So charge up, jump on and ride out!

This includes elbow, and knee pads, wrist guards, leathers, long pants and long shirts or outerwear to protect the rider.


April 10th-13th, 2008

Join Peter Glenn Ski & Sports at Board Up Miami and rock the weekend away! We're going to have the latest styles on hand from Spy Optics, Bern Helmets, CWB Wakeboards and some surprises with MIA Skatepark & Redbull (check back for the deets!) We will have tickets at our stores for only $10 soon! EMAD will be teaming up with Peter Glenn for this event! Stop by and visit us!

September 21st, 2007

Our Li ion batteries for the Street SK8ers 600W and our latest version of Electric Skateboards will be in stock next week. Get ready for delivery, they are sweeeet!

August 18th

The First Annual Lake Ivanhoe revival Present By Ski World and Wakeboard Orlando!

Byerly Toe Jam Tour
Is underway and EMAD BOARDS will be there!

The Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskating Tour started off with a bang today 4/28/07 in Orlando, Florida for the Rockstar Energy Drink Rail Jam at The Projects. 43 wakeskaters laid it on the line utilizing ten different apparatus while being towed behind the Sea-Doo Wake Edition PWC.

16 riders qualified through the semifinals, and they will compete tomorrow in the wake competition behind the Air Nautique, followed by a rail jam final on Saturday. The judging was based on an overall run, not limited to rail slides and the riders were popping flip tricks, 360 shove-its and spins off the Sea-Doo's lip.

Be sure to stop by and visit us...

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